State of the Art Presentations 12 January 2018
Workshops Submission 14 February 2018 26 February 2018
All Other Presentations 14 February 2018 26 February 2018
Acceptance End of April 2018
Early Bird Registration Mid June 2018
Conference 21-25 August 2018


Submissions will be made using the submission system. Before you start the submission process, please read through the submission guidelines below.

For questions regarding the submission process please contact EasyConferences at

This category of submission refers to sessions provided before the official opening of the conference (EHPS 2018 Pre-Conference Meetings and Workshops).

A workshop provides an opportunity for a group of participants to achieve a specific goal or address a particular problem. It may be designed to train or educate participants in a particular research methodology or theoretical approach, or to address a specific problem, such as how to use particular research findings in health care or policy. A workshop can also be a useful way to develop a consensus on a particular issue. For example, the goal of the workshop may be to produce a position statement or policy on a particular topic, to identify priorities in a specific area or to develop theoretical perspectives or methodologies. It should have a clear structure and require active participation by everyone involved.

The SYNERGY Board assesses workshop submissions in terms of their overall quality, their attractiveness for health psychologists, the expertise of the facilitators and the activities suggested to attain the workshop objectives.

A workshop proposal must be submitted by the convenor and must include the following details:

Title: a title of 15 words or fewer.

Convenor and Facilitator details (name and affiliation): First name(s) followed by surname(s); Institution of affiliation, country.

There can be up to two convenors, but it is a requirement that one of the convenors is designated as responsible for the workshop. Facilitators should be experts in the topic and write a short statement about their expertise in this area.

An indication whether a half-day or full-day workshop is preferred.

 Workshop overview abstract (maximum 300 words) including:

  1. Objectives: up to four objectives, summarising what you expect the workshop to achieve and issues to be addressed.
  2. Activities: an indication of the activities that will be undertaken during the workshop.
  3. Description of the intended participants.
  4. The maximum number of participants for the workshop.

Conflict of interest: Convenor(s) are required to disclose any potential conflict of interest they may have in relation to the content of the proposed workshop (this disclosure is not included in the word limit).

Please also note that:

Conference workshops should focus on topics that correspond with the conference tracks and should be of broad relevance to health psychology such as methods, scientific writing, intervention techniques and development strategies, evaluation strategies, health behaviour theories, implementing health psychology into practice, critical reading, etc.  We particularly welcome proposals for workshops related to the conference theme.

Full-day workshops are reimbursed with 250 Euros per workshop (not per facilitator) and half-day workshops are reimbursed with 125 Euros per workshop (not per facilitator) by the EHPS.

Workshops will take place providing a sufficient number of participants apply to ensure the workshop is financially viable. If only a small number of participants register for a workshop, the EHPS has the right to cancel it up to four weeks ahead of the conference.